Capacity Development


WACSI’s Capacity Development Unit seeks to enhance the effectiveness and performance of organised and organic civil society groups. Our aim is to strengthen the legitimacy, transparency, accountability and resilience of these groups through training, shared-learning, mentoring and coaching programmes among others. WACSI’s capacity development interventions provide platform for:

  • Imparting new techniques and methods.
  • Exchanging ideas.
  • Enhancing analytical competencies
  • Sharing experiences
  • Bridging differences
  • Strengthening the functional capabilities of CSOs through mutual collaboration and partnership

Strategic Ambition

Our ambition is to continue to take a long-term approach to capacity development and focus on shared learning rather than teaching. We seek to increase our engagement with emerging organic groups and social movements. Our strategy includes using appropriate e-learning approaches to reach out to a broader number of CSOs including smaller, rural and less-resourced organisations.

Our Trainers

Our trainers and resource persons are highly experienced professionals who deliver our national and regional tailored initiatives, scheduled fee-paying training courses, and deliver tailor-made courses and services for civil society in the sub region. Our trainers are frequently up-to-date on the newest development thinking, and new ways of working, and they bring the added value of rich, broad base experience and stimulating innovation.

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