KM Programme Activities

Programme Activities

1. Situational Report (SITREP)

Situation Report also known as SITREP is a monthly compilation of news on civil society and citizen engagement across West Africa. It monitors key trends, events and provides a monthly analysis on a range of issues pertaining to civil society across West Africa in a bid to deepen the understanding of its practice in different country contexts.

2. West Africa Civil Society e-Directory

It is an online repertoire of all organisations operating in the third sector within the 15 ECOWAS countries as well as Mauritania, Chad and Cameroon. It is a bilingual platform which provides content in English and French. It aims at data gathering, network and partnership and knowledge sharing. It is regularly updated by CSOs registered on the directory. It aggregates registered organisations’ data across countries, regions, thematic areas, core competency and target groups. Organisations are invited to register by creating a profile to be able to post relevant news, events, opportunities, pictures and videos, and to see that of other registered organisations in the other countries on the directory. The E-Directory can be accessed at

  • Leadership Transitions and Governance within CSOs in Ghana;
  • Philanthropy in Nigeria.

3. WACSeries

WACSeries are analytical periodic write-ups on topical themes and issues relevant to West Africa. It emphasises the contributions of civil society organisations (CSOs) and actors to the promotion of democracy, good governance and the socio- economic development of West Africa by deepening discourse on matters affecting civil society in the region. The write-ups provide experts, researchers and practitioners a space to reflect, develop and share analyses and posit views and recommendations on emerging issues and debates.

There are four types of publications under the WACSeries:

  • The WACSI Editorials consist of a compilation of a minimum of 4 blog articles by the same author or different articles by different authors on the same issue or thematic discourse;
  • The WACSeries Issue Paper, with a maximum of 4000 words, aims to raise awareness on key issues in West Africa;
  • The WACSeries Op-Eds are thought provoking and intellectually engaging write-ups that provide critical reflections and analysis of issues relevant to civil society and development in West Africa. The maximum number of words is 1500;
  • Blogs are shorter articles of a maximum of 800 words. Contributors can use blogs as a medium to provide expert views on specific topics or provoke debates and discussions on key issues related to any of our key themes. Interested contributors will be provided with the Institute’s blog guidelines to aid them.