Knowledge Management


The Knowledge Management Unit (KMU) strives to equip and empower West African civil society by facilitating knowledge documentation, curation and sharing. This is done through a collaborative and participatory process and an active involvement of civil society practitioners knowledge production and dissemination.

Key to the Institute’s drive in sustaining its reputation as a thought leader and knowledge hub for civil society in West Africa, the role of the KMU is to:

  • Facilitate the availability and access to accurate information on the work of WACSI;
  • Facilitate the use of information generated by the Institute to improve its operations and enhance the effectiveness of civil society;
  • Support staff to have a clear understanding of the work of WACSI and their role towards the attainment of the institute’s objectives;
  • Ensure all staff as well as civil society actors contribute towards the identification, curation and documentation of information on civil society’s praxis and development in West Africa;
  • Ensure that documented information relating to the work of civil society is well organised and shared with relevant stakeholders in the sector across the region, to nurture a well-informed civil society whose results-oriented actions are based on evidence;
  • Position WACSI as a thought leader that drives capacity development for CSOs in West Africa to attain a prosperous West Africa driven by its people.

Strategic Ambition

The strategic ambition that drives the operations of the KMU hold that: WACSI should curate knowledge and facilitate learning.

This will be done through the following:

  • The knowledge and practice of civil society captured through documentation and creation of accessible knowledge repositories.
  • Increased use and adoption of research resources by civil society and development actors to inform their work, their development initiatives, further research, and policymaking.
  • Increased recognition and visibility of WACSI as a thought leader and knowledge hub for civil society in the region.