Technology for Development


The speed at which technology is changing the way people work and collaborate is rapid. It is opening up new opportunities and capabilities but also creating new challenges. It is important to understand the impact that technology can have on the way civil society organisations (CSOs) operate and intervene in this digital era.

CSOs seem to be behind or left out in this revolution. Many CSOs know the impact the use of technology can have on their interventions. They are aware that it could improve productivity, increase their overall effectiveness through better collaboration, and extend services to new communities in need, etc. However, there are persistent knowledge and capacity gaps that need to be addressed to maximize the benefits of technology for nonprofit organisations in West Africa.

WACSI believes that CSOs are a powerful force for social good in the world. Their impact can be boosted exponentially through the use of new technology by creating an efficient and effective environment for them to deliver their critical mandate.

WACSI seeks to strengthen the capacity of CSOs in West Africa to be able to embrace and adapt to technological advancements in a way that will significantly and effectively contribute to their institutional and operational growth. This will contribute to better soci0-economic dividends, essential to combating poverty, promoting good governance and social inclusion for a prosperous West Africa.

Additional Information

WACSI has partnered Techsoup, a US-based non-profit organisation that provides technology services and support for other nonprofit organisations. WACSI and Techsoup have set up Techsoup West Africa, a technology donation programme to support nonprofit organisations across the west African region.

Techsoup West Africa seeks to provide CSOs in West Africa with a platform where they can have access to technology tools and opportunity to strengthen their information technology capacity and knowledge.

Under the banner of ‘Technology for Development’ theme from its 2018-2022 strategy, WACSI seeks to take a step forward to bridge the persistent knowledge and capacity gaps that may be hindering CSOs from maximizing the benefits of technology and accelerate social change.