In recent years, technology has affected lives, businesses and organisations. Its rapid growth has changed the way individuals, companies and organisations operate.

Many nonprofits know the impact that the use of technology can have on their interventions. However, the high cost of technology and the persistent knowledge and capacity gaps in information technology (IT) has become a critical barrier hindering nonprofits organisations to not only have limited access to the latest and right technology but also maximize its benefits for their work.

It also provides interesting features for CSOs to identify and collaborate with like-minded organisations across the region. This serves to promote integration and partnerships among organisations operating in West Africa.

Techsoup is here to help nonprofit organisations minimise and or offset their IT and equipment cost needs. Techsoup facilitates organisations’ access to adequate technology and resources they need to boost their effectiveness and increase their social impact. Techsoup West Africa offers nonprofits access to technology products up to 95% less than the market value or free of charge.

TechSoup is a nongovernmental organisation dedicated to building capacity of other nonprofit organisations and facilitate their access to the technology they need to achieve their mandate. Techsoup serves as a bridge between IT solution providers and the nonprofits. TechSoup equips changemakers with transformative technology solutions and skills to help them improve lives globally and locally.

Involvement/Role of WACSI

In June 2017 WACSI partnered with TechSoup to provide technology assistance to nonprofit organisations in West Africa to enable them maximise their information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and support their mission. The programme dubbed Techsoup West Africa offers nonprofit organisations access to essential and affordable technology to make their work easier and have a greater impact.

Techsoup West Africa covers the 15 ECOWAS countries, as well as Cameroon, and Chad.

Key Achievements

Since Techsoup opened up its services to West Africa more than 807 organisations from the 17 countries have registered. The donation programme has delivered up to US $475,349.55 in technology tools and philanthropic services to nonprofit organisations.

Feedback from beneficiaries:
Some testimonials from partners who have benefitted from the service, include;

  • “We have saved over one thousand US Dollars ($1,000) on Office Professional Plus alone and we continue to save more on software cost thanks to the programme… Our work has also been positively impacted since we benefited from this offer and this have seen improvement in our performance and there is greater collaboration and team work among staff.”
    Caritas Ghana
  • “Our project management and reporting skills has improved… There is more efficiency in our work, our team can now work in a more collaborative manner and we have standardized applications across the organisation. This has improved the way we work. It is now easier to work with our team on the field. It has helped us to save money. Previously, we spent about US $2000.00 on software but now we have saved US $19,748.00 software we obtain from the Techsoup West Africa programme.”

    Human Rights Advocacy Centre.

TechSoup West Africa is committed to continuing supporting this significant impact with the aim of boosting a dynamic digital nonprofit sector in the region.


Techsoup West Africa’s catalog includes more than 40 products from donor partners such as: Microsoft, Bitdefender, Box, Autodesk, Ushahidi, Tableau and DocuSign.

How Do I Access Donated and Discounted Technology?

All nonprofits organisations legally registered and operating in one of the 15 ECOWAS, countries, Cameroon and Tchad can request a donation from Techsoup West Africa.

Here’s how to get started with TechSoup West Africa technology donation programme:

  • Create an Online Account
  • Complete the Programme Registration Form
  • Receive Qualification Email
  • Request and Access Donation

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